Are you planning to go for some decorative dried flower arrangements on your D-day? Presently, these dried flower decorations are gaining huge popularity as they not only come in exclusive varieties but also sustain for long. These are specifically treated for all kinds of indoor decorations. You will find them in different forms like hanging, bouquets, flower boxes and a lot more decorative items and accessories targeted for various events. So, for some top-class decorative dried flower arrangements you can check out our online store.

At Si-nature we bring you a variety of such decorative dried flower décor and ensure prompt delivery of these flowers so that they retain their original properties, natural look and fragrance. These aspects are taken care of by a team of trained professionals. Si-nature has evolved as a result of combined efforts and ideas of two ambitious partners named Elodie and Olivier. We use some of the high-grade materials and contemporary designing techniques to offer our customers the best services. The average delivery time we take is around 3 to 5 working days.

Some of the dried flower arrangements you will find at our online store are Bouquet Soledad that consists of a selected variety of exclusive dry flowers. Different sizes of Crown Hortense in the form of a gilded metal circle supporting a few hand-selected dried flowers and grasses, which can be easily hung with a jute cord. You can also gift a variety of these dried flowers in the handmade matte-finish black luxury Flowerbox Gloria available with us in different sizes.