Now it is time that you enjoy the timeless beauty of preserved flowers. These exquisite arrangements are the ultimate epitome of freshness and elegancy. Preserved flowers are in high demand nowadays and can be the perfect gift on any occasion.

At Si-nature which is an online store owned by Elodie and Olivier offers a range of breathtaking floral arrangements for wholesale that comes in exquisite arrangements like flowers in boxes, wedding bouquets, corsages, table arrangements and wreaths that will surely impress you. We deal with natural foliage and flowers that are treated with eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic substances. This treatment process preserves the freshness and delicacy of the flowers and ensures that they last for an extended period of time, which can be several months to several years. If you buy more than five 5 items we give you a discount of 10% and in bigger lots of more than 30 a discount of 20% is applicable.

Some of our mesmerizing and refreshing collections of flowers include 6 light red stabilised roses, 3 stems of white stabilised ixodia, one red stabilised hydrangea, a bouquet of white stabilised rice flowers, a bouquet of red stabilised gypsophila, a bouquet of red stabilised amaranth, 1 gold stabilised rose head, etc.