Preserved foliage and flowers are 100% natural plants. Using preserved foliage is an innovative and environmentally-friendly process to keep up the natural sparkle of the plants for years without going for much maintenance. These form an excellent item for interior decoration. This preserved Foliage is an innovative product that maintains a brilliance of freshness and is extremely easy to maintain. Their immortality and flexibility allow them to be used in different types of decorations with great ease.

At Si-nature we bring you some of our preserved foliage for sale online to different interior decorators, florists, and professionals who usually work with such stabilised flowers and plants that remain beautiful for years. We are a trusted source of acquiring sustainable products at a very reasonable price.

Some of our preserved foliage and moss collections that you can take a look at are a bouquet of link pink preserved Umbrella Fern, 300gm of light pink stabilised Lichen that has been stabilised using the immersion preservation technique, a bouquet of 150gm green stabilised ivy with flowers has been stabilized using the absorption technique, 2 kg of green stabilised flat moss in a box has been stabilized using the immersion preservation technique. So, visit our website and discover all of our 100% natural and stabilized foliage and mosses and pick the best.