Preserved roses

Preserved flowers and foliage are basically natural flowers and greens that are processed with the help of some kind of revolutionary technology to maintain the fresh appearance of the flowers for several months or sometimes even years. Their soft delicate appearance along with their beauty really makes it difficult for you to differentiate between fresh flowers and cut flowers

We Si-nature, the Germany based online store selling preserved stabilized flowers do not use any kind of toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic, explosive and non-chemical reactive in the preservation process. We offer one of the highest quality Pink Eternal roses in today’s market. Our range of preserved stabilized roses is cultivated in dedicated farms to meet the quality standards. Each of our products undergoes a strict quality control test before we pass them on to the hands of our esteemed customers. Only those preserved flowers and foliage are delivered to you that meet the high-quality standards of our brand.

Buy Infinity Roses Online

It is the eco-friendly practices, cutting edge technology and strict quality control practices of Si-nature that makes us one of the market quality leaders today. Some of the exclusive items that you can pick from our online store are 6 light-red Infinity Rose online for valentine heads of 6.5 cm, 6 black stabilised rose heads of 6.5cm, 1 lavender coloured stabilised rose head of 8cm, etc. All these are processed using the double immersion stabilization method.