Preserved roses 6,5 cm - 6 rose heads - White

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Colour: white

Packaging: box with 6 roses

Diameter: 6,5-7 cm

Height: 5.6-6.5 cm

Stabilization technique: Double immersion stabilization

Reference: 2-WE-ROS65

For ages, roses have been a symbol of love and have helped many Romeos confess their feeling to their Juliet. But freshly plucked roses die, and ultimately you have to toss them away in a bin even when you do not want to. But we have a perfect solution for you! If you want your roses to stay just like your feelings – eternal and beautiful, then get your hands now on stabilized white roses from Si-nature. Are you looking for a long-lasting and beautiful gift for your partner, and then these eternal roses white are just what you are looking for! These eternal white roses are unique gifts that will remind your friends and family that how special they are for you and your emotions for years.  As these flowers last longer than any fresh-cut roses, they make a memorable gift for any occasion.

When you give fresh roses to someone, you know they will dry in a few days, so you need to gift something that will last forever; here is where our preserved flowers come into the role. Not only it lasts longer, but also the receiver cherishes your emotions whenever they see these lovely flowers.  If you are someone who loves flowers as home décor but cannot maintain them or hates it when the flower dies, these preserved flowers are best for you. With such busy lifestyles, now you can still enter into a home decorated with beautiful flowers without worrying about watering them daily with the Si-nature preserved flowers collection.