Preserved roses 6,5 cm - 6 rose heads - Red

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Colour: red

Packaging: box with 6 roses

Diameter: 6,5-7 cm

Height: 5.6-6.5 cm

Stabilization technique: Double immersion stabilization

Reference: 3-RT-ROS65

Whether it is the most important day of the love calendar – Valentine's Day or the day when you take the vow of supporting your partner in every thick and thin of life, roses accompany you everywhere and carry so much meaning. Si-nature takes it one step further by conserving those special moments of your life with beautiful preserved roses. What else can be a better way to confess your love to that someone special than a rose? But the problem is that rose is going to dry up pretty soon, and you do not want that one thing that reminds you of this special day – yup rose to die. So to cherish this beautiful moment for a long time, why not go for a preserved rose? These stabilized roses have their own beauty and charisma, which is slightly different from a fresh rose but no less than them.

These stabilized roses are a constant reminder of love, moment, and feelings, plus the cherry on the top is that they do not die pretty quickly, so you do not have to toss them in the bin after a week with a heavy heart. If you are looking for an Anniversary gift for your partner, surprise them with a bouquet of preserved roses. Not only this, if you love decorating your house with flowers, these preserved roses are the one for you. So what are you waiting for; buy online red infinity roses from Si-nature and preserve your moment for a longer time.