About us

The brand: Si-nature

In 2020 Elodie and Olivier Kantizky created Si-nature, stemming from the words signature and nature, with the latter emphasised as a call out to the organic and natural range of products offered.
These natural products help creative and talented people to realise their visions and design modern and stylish decorations while accentuating natural elements.

By choosing these products, interior designers, architects and other creative people can add an element of nature to their work.

The Idea

Elodie has always been fascinated by flowers, plants and decoration.
She has designed and decorated her own apartment as well as the gardens and common areas.

As an independent artist, she designed and styled her own wedding, creating the jewellery and stabilised flowers to make the perfect setting.

It was from this experience and discovering the difficulties in procuring the perfect stabilised and dried flowers and plants that the idea of Si-nature was born, to help other creative people find the perfect products to realise their own visions.

The Online platform

More than an online shop, Si-nature is also a platform for professionals and independents to exhibit their creations in an online marketplace, offering the resources and competence in online-trade to international markets.

Olivier has over 10 years experience in digital solutions for large multinational forms. He has been faced with many challenges in the creation of online shops to support independent business people and uses that knowledge to help create the best experience for you.

The combined competencies of both Elodie and Olivier make it possible to bring decorative solutions of Si-nature, and share your own creations with the world. Our ambition is, together with partners who share our values, to build a complete ecosystem.

We are delighted to combine our skills together with yours, and help you on your adventure!